Graph Inspector

Unity Shader Graph viewer

This viewer allows you to open any .shadergraph and .shadersubgraph file generated by Unity's shader graph.

You can also submit your .shadergraph and .subshadergraph files to the library or even send encrypted preview links to your peers.

See a demo shader
Browser extensions for GitHub

Use the following browser extensions to preview .shadergraph and .shadersubgraph files right within GitHub!

Firefox Chrome

For any remarks, feature requests and feedback, let me know @stelabouras!

This project is open-source. You can find the source code on Gitlab.

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Submit to library
Comma separated list of tags.

Use the shadergraph guid value to assign a unique id to a subgraph so that the parent shadergraph links directly to it.

To locate its guid, preview the parent .shadergraph file, locate the subgraph node, click on the settings button and copy the 'SubGraph GUID' value.

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Generate preview link

You can generate a unique preview link to share your shadergraph privately with others.

The contents of the shadergraph are stored encrypted to the server and won't be visible to anyone without the unique link.

All preview link contents are removed from the server after 7 days.